January 31 - February 2, 2022

Join us at the 340B Winter Conference

Don't miss out on these events featuring the Omnicell 340B products and team!


We are so excited to be back in person and look forward to connecting with you at the upcoming 340B Winter Conference. Use the form on this page to request a 1:1 meeting with one of our experts to learn about special offers for new Omnicell 340B clients — or catch up with our team at one of the live events detailed below. 


View from Capitol Hill Breakfast
Get the latest developments in the ever-changing 340B program
Monday, January 31 | 8:30 a.m. PT 

Omnicell 340B will be hosting a panel discussion with some of the most respected long-term experts on the 340B program, focusing on hot button topics related to the legislative, compliance, and regulatory aspects of the 340B program. They will share an up-to-the-minute status report on the battle over access to 340B pricing in the contract pharmacy setting, as well as the latest developments on Capitol Hill and the Administration. 


Vendor Demo
A strategic perspective to compliantly deliver more value for your 340B program
Tuesday, February 1 | 10:05 a.m. PT 

Join members of the Omnicell 340B team for a discussion and demo highlighting the program management best practices and Omnicell 340B software features generating the most impact for covered entities. 



Omnicell Green Room Sessions

Stop by our booth to join one of our mini-sessions, focused on 340B topics important to your program. No need to preregister. Simply drop in, learn from our experts and claim your Omnicell swag! 

Reduce unnecessary WAC spend
Monday, January 31 | 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. PT 

Looking to reduce unnecessary WAC spend while optimizing compliance? Stop by the Omnicell Green Room to learn how our automated crosswalk solution can save you time and leverage the best available data – NDCs, charge codes, or a mixture – to automatically translate 95 percent of all records to accumulations. Our team will discuss how it works, the additional savings you may expect to see and other strategies we are implementing with clients to help them reduce unnecessary WAC spend.

Specialty is our specialty!
Tuesday, February 1 | 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. PT & 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. PT

Are you frustrated by less-than-expected 340B value from your specialty scripts? Our team is experienced in delivering specialty value inclusive of evaluating, standing up, operating and optimizing embedded entity owned in-house pharmacy to your program. Our solutions are tailored specific to your patients, prescribers, locations, eligible specialist referrals and medication access needs. Stop by the Omnicell booth to learn what may be missing in your specialty program – and discuss strategies to improve your 340B specialty savings.


Self-auditing for improved savings and compliance
Wednesday, February 2 | 10 to 11 a.m. PT

Join us in the Omnicell Green Room to discuss best practices for self-auditing, and see a demo of our self-auditing tool. Our team will discuss how to structure your monthly self-audit samples, what to look for in your audits, and how to resolve anomalies that could affect compliance or program savings.

Let us know where we can expect to see you at the conference — and you could win Omnicell merch, cookies for your team or a $250 Amazon gift card.