Join us at the 340B Coalition Summer Conference

August 1–3, 2022

Monday, August 1

  • View from Capitol Hill Luncheon
    11:30–1:00 PM ET
  • Exhibit Hall
    7:00 AM–5:45 PM ET
    Booth #301

Tuesday, August 2

  • Sponsored Vendor Demo
    10:00 AM–10:50 AM ET
  • Exhibit Hall
    7:00 AM–5:45 PM ET
    Booth #301

Wednesday, August 3

  • Exhibit Hall
    7:00 AM–10:30 AM ET
    Booth #301

The Latest Developments in the Ever-Changing 340B Program

Monday, August 1
11:30 AM–1:00 PM ET

This interactive panel discussion will provide the most up-to-date details on the industry’s latest news. Join some of the most respected 340B veterans for an interactive panel discussion on the latest updates impacting the 340B program. Marsha Simon, PhD, and William H. von Oehsen III helped to draft the original 340B legislation 30 years ago, and they’ll share their perspective on the evolution of the program and what’s next. You will also hear from other 340B experts, including Ted Slafsky of 340B Report and Cathy White of Cone Health.


Jeff Spencer

Senior Director
340B Sales and Account Management

Marsha Simon, PhD

MJ Simon & Company

Ted Slafsky

Publisher and CEO
340B Report

William H. von Oehsen lll

Powers Law

Cathy White

340B Pharmacy Financial Analyst
Cone Health


Turnkey Solutions to Optimize Your Outpatient Pharmacy Services

Tuesday, August 2
10:00 AM–10:50 AM ET

For the last 30 years, Omnicell has been focused on medication management in the acute care setting, helping healthcare providers get the right drugs to the right patient at the right time. Join us to learn how Omnicell has evolved to improve clinical and business outcomes beyond the acute care setting, extending the impact you can have on your patient’s continuum of care.

In this session you will learn how Omnicell’s 340B and specialty pharmacy services:

  • Help covered entities optimize the cost savings associated with entity owned retail specialty pharmacy to drive increased revenue while compliantly optimizing ALL 340B program opportunities.

Connect with Omnicell at 340B Summer Coalition Conference

Looking for turnkey solutions for speed to revenue? Stop by Booth #301 during the 340B Summer Coalition Conference Exhibition Hours to see how an intelligent infrastructure of cloud-based automation, software, and technology-enabled services is helping to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and drive better outcomes.

  • Improve patient access across the continuum of care
  • Maximize your revenue opportunity
  • Reduce medication costs

Explore How Outpatient Pharmacy Services are Driving Value


Capturing Value from Complex Workflows

Leveraging a made-to-order strategy, tailored to your organization’s specific data and workflows, can help identify elusive 340B savings you may be leaving behind.

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Growing Momentum for 340B Protections

With the nation’s capital remaining largely gridlocked, a growing number of safety net providers have turned to the states to address challenges to the 340B program.

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The Case for Dedicated 340B Program Management

This interactive document looks at five tangible ways your program benefits from having a dedicated 340B program manager.

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ReCept is now part of Omnicell

Omnicell completes the acquisition of ReCept, expanding Omnicell’s Advanced Services portfolio to address the growing and complex specialty pharmacy market.

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